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Plumber in Sydney

Are you looking for a trustworthy Sydney plumber with a track record for providing the highest quality results? If so, you’re in luck. 

At Service Heroes, we have the longest list of plumbing services, and we serve all of Sydney and the surrounding area. 

Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services are the most reliable emergency services in the area, and our plumbing specialists are the finest available. We’ve poured resources into training our team to provide an unmatched experience for the residents of Sydney, Penrith, Ryde, and more.  

Paired with our unparalleled dedication to quality and exceeding your expectations, there’s no question that Service Heroes is your one-stop-shop for all things plumbing. From a leaky tap to burst water main or heater, we have you covered. 

If you need a complete understanding of our vast skill set, just take a look at the following sections. We’ve expanded our service so dramatically, we’re the most comprehensive plumbing services in Sydney. 

Areas in Sydney We Serve:

Our service area is one of the largest in the country. While we are a local Sydney plumber and tend to refer to our service area as Sydney, we actually serve a long list of surrounding areas

Here’s a complete list of the towns and cities we serve:

We extend all of our services, including our 24-hour emergency services, to each and every one of these locales, and we can’t wait to serve you. 

If you’re in any of the listed areas, and in need of plumbing or electrical work, give Service Heroes a call, today!

Sydney Emergency Plumbing:

Some plumbing issues simply can’t wait for an appointment to be resolved. They require immediate repairs to protect your home, your comfort, and in some extreme cases, your life. 

With most other plumbers, you have to set an appointment and wait for your issue to be resolved; regardless of how pressing it is. That isn’t the case with Service Heroes. We do offer appointments for less serious issues, but when you need us the most, we’ll come out and solve the problem immediately. 

Here are a few examples of plumbing emergencies:

  • Pipe Bursts: Pipe bursts aren’t dangerous in most cases, but they can produce damages that cost a small fortune to fix if they aren’t repaired immediately. The sudden surge of water finds its way into your walls, floorboards, and valuables such as ground-level electronics and other items that are capable of being damaged by water. Not to mention, your water bill will skyrocket. 
  • Over-Pressured or Burst Water Heaters: If a hot water heater builds too much pressure, and you can’t properly release that pressure, you can be thrust into a volatile and dangerous situation. First and foremost, turning off the heater is a priority. Then, contacting us to properly release the pressure and check the unit for issues should be the next step. In the case of a burst in the water heater’s tank, scalding hot water can suddenly flood your home; an obvious hazard that must be dealt with immediately and safely. 
  • Other Immediate Concerns: Practically any plumbing issue that produces large amounts of water or the potential for serious hazards falls under our emergency plumbing services, and we’ll gladly come to your home as soon as we possibly can to remedy the situation. 

Service Heroes, A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Plumbing Needs:

Outside of our emergency plumbing services, we offer the most comprehensive list of normal plumbing services, too. From unblocking drains to fitting new gas lines or maintaining your old piping, we can handle it all. 

Sydney Blocked Drain Plumber:

A blocked drain is never fun to deal with, but with Service Heroes, you don’t have to. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to unblock toilets, shower drains, sink drains, and every other type of drain in your home. 

More importantly, our experts can do so in a time and cost-effective manner; without causing damage to your plumbing or appliances. 

A blocked drain is more than just an annoyance. It can result in several major issues that are detrimental to your health or property:

  • Unpleasant odors
  • Dangerous mold growth that causes respiratory problems
  • Property damage 
  • Property value declination 
  • Future plumbing issues such as leaks and bursts

We recommend calling the best plumber in Sydney at Service Heroes to handle any blocked drains that are affecting your plumbing system. We have the finest team of licensed specialists, the best reputation, and the most experience dealing with plumbing related issues. 

We also have the longest list of services and serve the widest area! Don’t hesitate to call Service Heroes when your experiencing block drains or any other plumbing problems. 

Sydney Burst and Leaking Pipes Repair:

Bursting or leaky pipes are our specialties, and we’re prepared to solve these common issues in record time at Service Heroes. 

As the most common issue, leaky pipes are some of our most common projects. We can typically resolve this issue within a short period of time at a rate that is affordable and won’t break your bank. If your pipes are experiencing minor leaking, contact us today to set up an appointment. 

A burst pipe is a much different story. Besides greatly increasing your water bill due to the massive increase in water usage, a burst pipe can flood your home. This can lead to immeasurable property damage, fall hazards, and even electrical hazards depending on where the burst occurs. First, attempt to turn off your main water valve to stop the flow of water. Then, call Service Heroes Sydney plumbers to take advantage of our 24-hour emergency plumbing services. 

Sydney Bathroom Renovations:

A bathroom renovation should be a reason to celebrate; not a stressful mess that takes up all your free time. Luckily, Service Heroes can remove that stress and renovate your entire bathroom however you see fit. 

Our Sydney bathroom renovation services are comprehensive and provided by the finest specialists. We can rework your plumbing to accommodate new appliances, install brand new appliances that fully renovate the appearance and functionality of your bathroom, and we can do so while creating a beautiful, seamless, bathroom environment for you and your family. 

We can also balance cost against your budget and needs due to our advanced knowledge, experience, and connections within the plumbing industry. 

This allows us to perform your bathroom renovations with a level of expertise and professionalism that is rarely matched by our competitors. 

Sydney Hot Water Repair and Installation:

Your hot water heater is one of the most necessary appliances in your home, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. Ensuring it’s installed or repaired by a professional with a proven track record is not only a way to ensure that your hot water heater is handled properly, but it’s also a way to ensure you and your family’s safety. 

When a hot water system is installed improperly, or when a subpar and ineffective repair is made, your water heater can become a makeshift bomb that explodes without warning; harming your property, you, and your family in the process. 

It can also result in your home being flooded with scalding hot water. While that isn’t as much of a serious threat, it is still something that should be taken seriously as it can produce serious burns if you’re caught in the hot water flooding. 

To avoid this, hire Service Heroes to handle all of your Sydney hot water heater repairs and installations. 

With years of providing the finest quality plumbing services in Sydney, we’ve developed the skills necessary to handle all types of repairs on every classification of water heaters in Australia. 

Sydney Gas Fitting:

Hiring a professional to handle all of your gas fitting needs is of the utmost importance. When improperly installed, gas fittings can produce gas leaks that can cause a number of serious issues:

  • Health concerns related to exposure
  • Heightened gas bills
  • Potentially fatal health issues
  • Fires
  • Explosions

This is why you should call your local Sydney plumber, Service Heroes, anytime you sense a gas leak in your home, or when you need new gas fittings for appliances such as your hot water heater. 

When gas is actively leaking into the home, we can send our team of professionals to your home or business immediately to resolve the issue in a safe and cost-effective manner. 

If you’re planning to have a new appliance installed, or if you need new gas fittings for any other non-dire reason, we can set up an appointment that is convenient and works with your schedule. 

We cannot stress enough that attempting to handle your own gas fittings, or hiring an unlicensed service, is extremely dangerous. Service Heroes is Sydney’s own local gas fitting service. We’re licensed, have years of experience working on all kinds of gas fittings used in Australian homes, and we’ve developed a reputation with the local community for being the best plumbing service money can buy. Don’t trust something as important as your gas fittings to sub-par services or DIY antics: Hire Service Heroes, today!

Sydney Maintenance Plumbing: 

Maintenance plumbing is often the difference between cost-effective plumbing bills and costly, out of nowhere, repairs that can put a major strain on your wallet, or in some cases, even cause harm to your health. 

Services Heroes is Sydney’s top licensed plumbing service, and we’re available to do full maintenance inspections, make any repairs or replacements necessary, and help you rest assured knowing that your home’s plumbing is in peak condition. 

Here’s a list of maintenance tasks we can perform:

  • Full plumbing inspection for leaks, blockages, bursts, and more!
  • Gas fitting inspection 
  • Water and gas line repairs

These maintenance tasks may not seem necessary if your plumbing is performing as expected, but they often locate problem areas that can result in much more expensive repairs being necessary, and they can help repair those issues before they become a problem. In the long run, regular plumbing maintenance can save you an unbelievable amount of cash and time. 

To schedule an appointment to have your plumbing maintenance needs to be resolved, call the best plumber in Sydney: Service Heroes. 

Service Heroes: Your Local Sydney Plumber:

When you need plumbing, electrical, or gas repairs or installations, you need the best-licensed service professionals available. In Sydney and the surrounding area, that’s Service Heroes. 

Our cost-effective service has provided the entire area with Sydney’s finest plumbing maintenance, installations, and repairs for 30+ years. We also offer full 24/7 emergency plumbing services to make sure your plumbing emergencies don’t spiral out of control. 

Our team is professional, friendly, and full of enthusiasm, but most importantly, we can get the job in a timely and proper manner. From your first interaction with us over the phone to the time we walk out your door, Service Heroes specialists conduct themselves in a manner you can trust. 

We have the largest list of plumbing, electrical, and gas services in the Sydney area, and we also have the largest service area including Penrith, Ryde, and more. 

Combined with our world-class results, these traits are what make Service Heroes the best, most reliable service provider in the Sydney area, and we can’t wait to serve you!

To contact us, simply call us at 02-8355-0121. You can set an appointment that matches your schedule and time constraints, or for emergency plumbing situations, we can dispatch a team of Sydney plumbing specialists immediately!


Call 1800 694 376 to book a service hero today!